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Product photography

Your product photography tells your customers a lot about your business and how it is perceived. It could also be the difference between great sales and poor sales – “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” (Tess Flanders, 1911). Poor quality, low-resolution phone camera pictures similar to what is found on eBay, just don’t work in the world of professional eCommerce and business.

We understand the need to get products on your website quickly and without too much fuss, but most businesses are unsatisfied with the results of their product photography and feel it does not represent their high-quality products.

Our product photography is tailored to your product and lit with professional strobes in our studio using the latest state of the art lenses and cameras. Each product requires a different light set-up to highlight different areas of your product. For example, a wallpaper sample might require a more general, “flat” lighting but a diamond ring or a fine bottle of whisky might need spotlights to highlight and pinpoint areas. It is a complicated process, but that is what we are here for.

colour_passport_checkerColour Matching and Colour Profiles

Colour profiles are something the amateur photographer just doesn’t ordinarily take into consideration, but it should not be overlooked. We ensure that if your product is United Nations Blue, Arsenic or even Coca-Cola red (that’s right, it’s a colour!), that is the colour that is represented correctly in your pictures. We use specially designed professional tools and software


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