Personal Injury

Personal Injury Photography, handled sensitively and correctly

It is imperative that personal injury photography be handled carefully, considerately and with total professionalism from a photographer – something of which I can personally guarantee.

From beginning to end I ensure the privacy and care of the client, and I make sure that the client at all times feels comfortable and the process is completed in a smooth and expedite way.Simon James Williams Personal Injury

I use professional, medical grade and quality measuring devices to add scale, and ensure the lighting is representative of the injury. We do not post-process the images in any way,

I have experience at providing witness statements presented to courts that back up evidence provided. As such I am in a position to offer a brief written statement to back up my image detailing the image production, dates, times and equipment used. Also in the statement is a written confirmation that nothing has been edited or embellished in the production of the image.

Digital versions of an image will have the correct META data encoded to include time and date of the picture. Print versions can, if required, have this information stamped on the back.

So, with this in mind, you, or your, client can be rest assured of a professional process from beginning to end. Give me a call to arrange, or alternatively, you can get in touch from the contact page.

Please find my current price list for Personal Injury.

The labs where my prints are processed are the best photographic labs in the country. The labs have been chosen over many years of research because of the quality and their attention to detail.

Personal Injury Price List

Digital Image – £30.00
10″ x 8″ – £30.00

Written Statement & Image

Written statement containing photography details, dates, times and confirmation of process and procedure, and print or digital copy – £130.00