Passport & Visa Pictures

Getting it right, first time

Passport and Visa pictures PrestonGetting a passport and visa picture can be quite a complicated, and time consuming process. We’re here make sure your that this process runs smoothly and without any stress.

There are a number of specific requirements that need to be adhered to ensure they pass the strict guidelines set out by various agencies.

Passport Guarantee

We guarantee that your passport picture with us will be painless and stress free, and if for any reason there are any problems, we will retake and print your picture free of charge.

We are well educated in what is acceptable in a passport or visa image, which again, can be quite a tricky process to complete for the novice.

Many government agencies require a passport or visa picture to be taken by a professional photographer, and each one countersigned by the photographer to ensure authenticity. This process can only be completed by a professional photographer and simply can’t be done by photo-booths.

We have special in-house designed templates to ensure the correct head size, position and background and we only use professional paper and printers – inkjet prints are not allowed by government agencies.

Children & Babies

Of course, you will need a passport picture if you are taking children and babies overseas and these can be tricky to get right and virtually impossible in a photo-booth.

We make sure that your children and babies are prepared in a relaxing environment and take our time to get them just right for you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes – there are no people waiting in line, and no stress or worry that they may not be accepted.

Booking In

To book in, firstly fill out the form below and send it off. We will get back to you as soon as we can to arrange a date and time at your convenience.

Please tick the box if your baby is unable to sit up on its own. (Requires additional equipment to be made ready).
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Please find my current price list for passport and visa pictures.

Standard Passport & Visa

(Suitable for most countries) – £20
  • Consultation of specific requirements
  • Several pictures taken
  • Printed on high quality gloss paper
  • Professional Printer
  • Four prints per page

Canadian Passport & Visa

Passport and Visa Pictures for Canada

(Two pages – four pictures) – £25

As above – Canadian passport pictures are a larger size than normal and require two pages for four pictures.

Digital Version

If you would like a digital version of your passport picture as well as the prints, you can purchase it for an additional £7. Please note that we do not supply digital only versions of you picture and this must be purchased as an add-on to your print.

Extra Copies

You might like to buy more than you need for future use, so we offer extra pages at an additional £7 per page.